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Hotel Owners

Be one of the first in the country to get the new state of the art intelligent bidet toilet seats for your hotel.

Make a real impression with well-travelled international guests that expect only the best. And save on toilet tissue costs as well!

We can provide complete units to include a toilet pan, cistern and the seat. OR We can often just replace the seat with one of our amazing bidet seats and the costs to do this are very affordable.

Give us a call today on and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will talk you through the many options we can offer.

Care Homes

Do you and your staff spend ages taking your most important people to the loo and back plus helping with the cleaning during and after? I guess the answer is yes. Well, help is at hand.

Our amazing toilets seats clean and dry after each visit to the loo. This saves time and allows your staff to be more productive and provide better care to your residents.

Your residents will feel better too and the return of some dignity to the process of going to the loo is great news for everyone.

Check out the video on our homepage. We offer supply and installation and you will be amazed by our prices. We simply won’t be beaten on price.

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