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What is a Comfort Cleanse toilet seat?
It’s a computerized toilet seat that delivers bidet functionality which simply replaces your existing toilet seat.
Why 'better than a bidet'?
Not only does a ComfortCleanse bidet seat offer a fully controllable and instant warm water wash and warm air dryer which is built into the toilet seat, it’s also safer and more convenient to use and saves space in your bathroom too!
What will a bidet seat do for me?
A ComfortCleanse bidet seat will give you that ‘shower fresh’ clean feeling at the touch of a button – maintaining your personal hygiene has never been so easy! It offers safe & hygienic cleaning.
What is the guarantee?
Apart from guaranteeing your improved hygiene, all bidet seats supplied by ComfortCleanse have a factory supported UK warranty of 2 years. Our seats are made by Toto, Grohe Aqua-Sigma and USPA, which are the largest manufacturers of intelligent bidet toilet seats in the world.We want to ensure your complete happiness with our products and the service that you receive from ComfortCleanse.
Why are these seats good for me?
If you are elderly and infirm or perhaps you are recovering from an injury or illness and your mobility is impaired. Or if you just need that feeling of cleanliness and hygiene that you can only achieve with washing with water then ComfortCleanse bidets are the perfect addition to your home. Kids will love them too and so will their parents as children learn positive hygiene habits.
Are they easy to install?
Installation is really straightforward and requires the services of your local trades person. The ComfortCleanse bidet requires a water supply and normal mains electricity, in accordance to normal bathroom safety regulations. We do recommend that qualified plumbers and/or electricians fit our seats. UK building regulations require the electricity supply connectionto be made by a qualified electrician. If you move house, the bidet seat can easily be removed and installed in your new home. Each ComfortCleanse seat comes in three sizes so we can match your existing toilet bowl as closely as possible.
Will I have space for it?
Yes – Because the bidet seat does not take up floor space like a traditional bidet, you can now have a bidet in the most compact of bathrooms. Our ComfortCleanse bidets have been designed to install onto most UK two-piece toilets. The different dimensions can be viewed on our site but if you are unsure, just call us free anytime on 0800 689 1269 for a friendly chat.