Electric Bidet Installation Service

Fitting an Electric Toilet Bidet seat onto an existing toilet is extremely easy, as they are adaptable to most standard fixtures.

As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we also offer a reliable, hassle-free bidet toilet seat installation service, carried out according to the highest standards of safety and quality. We can install your new bidet toilet seat and combination units in any bathroom, and are on hand to offer advice on the best units to suit your needs. We have carried out over 400 installations over the last 7 years

No matter your personal hygiene requirements, our affordable brilliantly designed bidet toilets are sure to leave you feeling confident and clean after every use. To find out more about our products, or to enquire about installation, get in touch with us today on 0800 6891269  or at

Electric Bidet Toilet Installation Services

Bidet Toilet Seat Installation Service

ComfortCleanse is proud to be the only company that provides a bidet toilet installation and fitting service. We pride ourselves on carrying out every project according to the highest standards and with great attention to detail, taking care to deliver a high-quality result that ensures your complete satisfaction. We also take care to complete your bidet toilet installation according to your schedule and to leave your bathroom in a neat and tidy condition. Our bidet toilet seats can also be easily removed and installed in a new toilet if you are moving into a new house.

Does a bidet need electricity?

Your ComfortClease powered bidet toilet will require a connection to a water supply and normal mains electricity in accordance with current standard regulations. All our installations are completed according to the latest UK Building Regulations.

We can also offer advice on the best options based on your needs and the layout of your bathroom. Simply provide us with measurements and photos of your current bathroom set-up, and we will help you find the best solution for you.

How much does a toilet bidet installation cost?

Whether you are looking to install one of our combined electric units or one of our bidet toilet seats, we promise to deliver a seamless, hassle-free installation service that suits your unique needs.

Our prices to install a toilet bidet start at £360, and includes all plumbing and electrical works.

Please note that there may be an additional charge depending on your location and the travelling distance.

Where do we install our bidet toilets?

Perfect for private homes, care homes, mosques and upmarket hotels, the reliable, environmentally friendly products we offer at ComfortCleanse are sure to help you upgrade your personal hygiene. All our ultra-sleek bidet toilets are CE Certified, are covered by a no-quibble factory-backed guarantee, and installed with exceptional attention to detail.

Aqua-Sigma Dib C-750R Wash and Dry Shower Toilet Seat with remote control

Electric Bidet Seat Installation

The seat only option offers all the benefits of a bidet without needing to replace your entire toilet. Our cleverly engineered electronic bidet toilet seats are easy to use and fit around 95% of the toilets in the UK. Simply ask us for our advice on this.

VitrA V-care comfort

Seat & Bowl Installation

Are you remodelling your bathroom? Our range of modern combined bidet toilets offers the perfect solution for optimal personal hygiene and comfort. These fully integrated units feature a pure white virtuous china toilet bowl paired with a high-tech electronic bidet toilet seat.