VitrA V-Care Prime Smart Bidet Toilet, Wall-Hung

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The latest generation of smart bidet-shower toilet from VitrA that effortlessly combines the functionality of a toilet and the cleaning benefits of an electronic bidet.


The Vitra V-Care Prime Rimex Smart Wall Hung WC compliments a variety of bathrooms, providing increased hygiene and cleanliness the way only water can. The VitrA Prime Rimex Smart WC comes with some amazing features, such as an adjustable, oscillating jet spray, a choice of washing options, water & seat temperature adjustment, air dryer, an auto-open close mechanism, voice app, anti-limescale and a rimless design inside the pan that makes cleaning easy, and gives bacteria nowhere to hide.

The V-Care Smart toilet provides a user-friendly personal hygiene experience, that can be controlled with either the basic controls on the side of the WC, via a mobile app, or the supplied remote control that perfectly fits the user’s hands and has a very simple intuitive user interface.

Easy to install, easy to maintain, this toilet will meet the needs of 21st-century living style, bringing a new standard of practical elegance to your bathrooms providing you and the whole household with improved hygiene and cleanliness that can be enjoyed with every use.

Delivered in 2~7 working days from receipt of order dependent on your location. There is a delivery charge of £52.80 in the UK. There will be an additional charge to mainland Europe and for areas in the U.K. considered “Remote” by our courier dependent on location.

Installation requirements

  • A concealed wall frame and water cistern is required at an additional cost. Please enquire for details
  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system
  • The seat requires a mains water supply of between 0.05 Mpa (0.5 bar) and 1.0 Mpa (10.0 bar) pressure.
  • A fully compliant power source (in U.K. to BS7671)
  • Before Installing, if you have any doubts or require further technical information please call 0800 6891269.

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Manufacturer: VitrA
Features: Deodoriser, Heated Seat
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SKU: 00024


General Specifications

  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Air + water stream
  • Deodorisation – complete with air purifier which deodorises the air and activates once you are seated
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Automatic nozzle oscillation – Forward/Backwards
  • Automatic nozzle move – shower
  • Automatically lid opening and closing
  • Rear Cleaning ​
  • Feminine/front wash
  • Front cleaning
  • Heated seat
  • Massage
  • Multi-person presets
  • Seat sensor
  • Soft-Closing lid
  • Warm Air dryer
  • Muting of the signal tones
  • Anti-limescale function
  • With child mode
  • Night light
  • Voice, App and remote control
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connections
  • Width: 380mm
  • Depth: 600mm

Energy saving features – three modes:

  1. standard
  2. energy saving
  3. standby
  • Vitra 2-Year Guarantee