VitrA AquaCare Sento

Vitra Aquacare Sento Rimless Wall-Hung Non-electric Bidet Toilet with Integrated Thermostatic Stop Valve.


The VitrA AquaCare Sento Wall-Hung WC is a bidet and toilet in one, offering a clean, hygienic and refreshing toilet experience at a really affordable price point. No electrical connection is required as the water is controlled via standard plumbing hydraulic water pressure.

This models thermostatic control offers the additional feature of scald protection, when the selected temperature cannot be met (for example, when someone elsewhere in the home is using water to run a bath) – the actual water flow reduces rather than the user experiencing a change in water temperature. These versions of the AquaCare feature a stop valve control mounted onto the left-hand side of the WC.

A soft close seat is included with all models and the toilet pan itself is rimless, meaning it has no hidden rim inside the bowl resulting in a more hygienic toilet that is easier to clean and stays cleaner for longer as there is nowhere for dirt and germs to accumulate.

This package includes the toilet, pre-assembled and integrated air breaker and soft-closing seat. For optimal performance it is recommended Wall-Hung Rim-ex pans are used with a full height frame and at 3/6 litre flushing setting.

Delivered in 2~7 working days from receipt of order dependent on your location. There is a delivery charge of £52.80 in the UK. There will be an additional charge to mainland Europe and for areas in the U.K. considered “Remote” by our courier dependent on location.


Manufacturer: VitrA
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SKU: 00020


General Specifications

  • Wall-mounted (If you do not already have a wall frame you will require one to mount this wall-hung toilet on)
  • Rimless toilet bowl with stop valve and warm water thermostatic cartridge 
  • Soft-close seat
  • Integrated Vacuum Breaker, with back-flow prevention to EN1717
  • Single bidet spray cleaning function
  • Simple to install