Hygea wall-mounted smart bidet toilet in matt white

Hygea wall-mounted smart bidet toilet in matt white.


Korean technology meets Italian design. Combining the convenience and accessibility of the wall mounted WC with the comfort and cleanliness offered by the bidet, USPA have created a hybrid piece of sanitary ware that offers contemporary bathroom luxury. This stylish appliance provides the user the chance to gently wash after using the WC. The seat and bidet of modular construction offer a number of features such as adjustable water temperature, water pressure, rear cleansing and feminine wash. Taking a focus on hygiene as well as luxury and convenience, the Hygea Intelligent Rimless WC Comfort model has all of its features controlled via a wireless remote control keypad. From this interface, every aspect of the unit, from water temperature to the direction of the cleansing jet, can be controlled. This hands-free approach ensures a level of hygiene and cleanliness out of the reach of standard toilets.

Featuring a rimless design made from vitreous china, in matt whitefor this model, this WC ensures as much water as possible from each flush goes into cleaning the pan, while eliminating nooks from the design that risk harbouring microbial growth. Being wall mounted and at an accessible height with a projection of 590mm and width of 375mm, this is a WC pan that gives greater accessibility to all and can be set a various heights depending on the frame parameters to suit most requirements. For anyone who struggles with standard toilets, such as those in pregnancy, or with limited mobility, this WC unit gives an unprecedented level of comfort.

Matt models are available by special order, delivered within 2 -3 weeks from placement of order. The Alpine gloss white model is available for immediate dispatch.

Installation Requirements

  • A concealed wall frame and water cistern of your choosing, please see our selection of concealed cisterns
  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system
  • The seat requires a mains water supply of between 0.05 Mpa (0.5 bar) and 1.0 Mpa (10.0 bar) pressure.
  • A fully compliant power source (in U.K. to BS7671)
Manufacturer: USPA
Features: Descaling
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SKU: 00037


General Specifications

  • Washing features with adjustable settings
  • Seat is made from high grade Urea
  • Easy to clean rimless design
  • Adjustable water pressure intensity
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Rectal cleaning
  • Female cleaning
  • Adjustable water pressure intensity
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Automatic back and forth jet.
  • Kids function
  • Individual settings for 2 persons
  • Nozzle oscillation.
  • RGB Night light (5 colors with dimmer)
  • Radar sensor
  • Quick release seat for total cleanliness.
  • Soft close seat and lid
  • Wall Hung Design
  • Energy saving features – three modes – 1. standard / 2. energy saving / 3. standby
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Automatic renewal of the water (if not used for 120 hours/5 days)
  • Automated decalcification cycle if you are living in hard water areas
  • Automatic draining of the tank. Useful function when the user knows that they won’t use the smart toilet for a long period
  • Totally concealed plumbing and electrical connections
  • Simple to operate via a wireless (radio frequency) remote control. 
    PLEASE NOTE: the remote control for ALL colours of this bidet toilet is supplied in standard white finish
  • Width: 378
  • Depth: 595mm
  • Height 396mm
  • USPA 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • CE Certified
  • DVGW Certified
  • Compliant to EN717 back flow protection
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • ROHS