GROHE Sensia Arena Shower Toilet

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A fusion of German technical excellence and Japanese innovation and design.

Discover a new level of personal care and cleaning with this Japanese style toilet that combines the functions of a toilet and bidet, but with so much extra too. This technologically advanced toilet features two separate self-cleaning spray heads that you can adjust for position, pressure and temperature, with oscillating and massage spray options and a warm air dryer function. Make visiting the toilet a pleasure with features designed for comfort, including automatic seat and lid opening, powerful flush that cleans and covers the whole bowl. Designed to be 100% hygienic and easy to clean, the bidet toilet uses odour absorption to clean the air while advanced ceramic finishes HyperClean and AquaCeramics are anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial, banishing 99.9% of germs. The sleek, wall-hung toilet design looks perfectly at home in contemporary bathrooms and its smooth lines leave dirt nowhere to hide. Use the control panel on the side of the seat, the remote control or a smartphone app to control and programme, and let the GROHE Sensia Arena revolutionise your daily bathroom routine.

Enjoy the feeling of lightness and well-being that a personalised cleaning routine can bring you. The GROHE Sensia® Arena impresses with innovative functions, such as Skinclean and hygieneclean, that make it the cleanest toilet in the world. Discover the difference it can make to your day.

Delivered in 2~7 working days from receipt of order dependent on your location. There is a delivery charge of £52.80 in the UK. There will be an additional charge to mainland Europe and for areas in the U.K. considered “Remote” by our courier dependent on location.

Manufacturer: Grohe
Features: Air Dryer, Deodoriser, Heated Seat
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SKU: 00025


General Specifications

  • Two separate extendable spray arms: 1 for anal area, 1 for lady shower (SkinClean)
  • with aerated shower spray (soft spray)
  • oscillating shower spray – automatic forward and backward movement of the shower arm
  • pulsating massage shower spray
  • strength of shower spray is adjustable in 6 steps (SkinClean)
  • integrated instant heater provides unlimited warm water
  • water temperature of shower spray is adjustable in 6 steps
  • water temperature range: 32-40°C
  • warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • air dryer temperature range: 40-55°C
  • automatic cleaning of the spray nozzle before and after each use
  • shower nozzles can be easily removed for cleaning
  • shower nozzle can be easily exchanged
  • especially easy to clean due to the dirt-repellent surface (Aqua Ceramics)
  • antibacterial surface, which reduces the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9% (HyperClean)
  • Ion technology that kills 99% of bacteria and germs and eliminates unpleasant odours (Plasmacluster)
  • rimless, therefore no hidden areas for deposits & contamination (Rimless)
  • innovative water flow for perfect flushing results (GROHE PowerFlush Triple Vortex)
  • flush water consumption: 3 litres with the small button, 5 litres with the large button
  • easy descale thanks to the special surface of the instantaneous water heater
  • Toilet Seat is electric and plugs into a regular 220-240V 50-60hz outlet.
  • Cable with system plug on device.
  • Pressure 0.05 – 1 MPa (0.5 – 10 bar).
  • Main frequency 50-60 Hz.
  • Consumption rating of 850 W. Max. 1300 W.
  • Type of protection IPX4.
  • Complies with EN 1717.
  • Mains Water: Pressure 0.5 ~ 10.0 Bar / Atm.
  • 2 years full parts and labour Grohe warranty
  • CE certified
  • WRAS approved