AS-8000-WH Smart Wall Hung Bidet Shower Toilet

This is our fully loaded integrated rimless wall-hung remote control shower toilet in pure white vitreous china, incorporating all the latest Hi-Tec features most commonly found in products selling at two to three times our price. True contemporary elegance, full UK specification. An exquisite remote-controlled electronic wall-hung bidet toilet in pure white vitreous china, a stunning addition to any bathroom or toilet.


The AS-8000-WH Smart rimless Wall Hung WC, complements a variety of bathrooms, providing increased hygiene and cleanliness the way only water can. The AS-8000-WH Smart WC comes with some amazing features, such as an adjustable, oscillating jet spray, a choice of washing options, water & seat temperature adjustment, air dryer, an auto-open close mechanism, and a rimless design inside the pan that makes cleaning easy and gives bacteria nowhere to hide.
The AS-8000-WH Smart toilet provides a user-friendly personal hygiene experience, that can be controlled with either the basic controls on the side of the WC, or the supplied remote control that perfectly fits the user’s hands and has a very simple intuitive user interface.
Easy to install, and easy to maintain, this toilet will meet the needs of 21st-century living style, bringing a new standard of practical elegance to your bathrooms providing you and the whole household with improved hygiene and cleanliness that can be enjoyed with every use.

Installation Requirements

Before installing, please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Connection piping to the sewerage waste system
  • A mains water supply of between 0.07 Mpa (0.7 bar) and 0.74 Mpa (7.4 bar) pressure
  • A fully compliant power source to the seat (in U.K. to BS7671) 230V 50Hz 1.7Kw max
  • A wall frame with an integrated cistern of your choosing or as found in our fittings and accessories section on this site
  • Hidden Integrated non-visible water and power connections with quick release
Manufacturer: Aqua-Sigma
Features: Air Dryer, LED lights
Product Category:

SKU: 00054


General Specifications

  • Wireless remote control and side control knob.
  • Two users pre-set, two individual users can save their preferred settings on the wireless remote control.
  • Front and Rear wash: Select from water temperature settings (31-39 degrees C) with 5 wash modes to find your preferred option.
  • instantaneous water heater
  • 5-stage temperature control (approx. 31-39 degree C)
  • 5-Stage dryer
  • Adjustable fan speed settings
  • DESCALING program, especially useful in hard water areas,
  • Automated lid opening with adjustable range sensitivity.
  • Heated seat: Adjust the temperature of the seat with the button on the side or by using the remote (29-37 degrees C).
  • Hidden water and power connections
  • The self-cleaning function ensures the nozzle and surrounding area are hygienic
  • Pre and post-wash nozzle cleaning
  • Automatic water purge if not used for 72 hours
  • Night light helps users locate the toilet in the dark/dimly lit conditions
  • Quiet and efficient operation promotes user dignity whilst providing a reliable experience
  • A strong load limit of 150kg/23.5st ensures the bidet is suitable for a wide variety of users
  • Rimless standard height D Shape Pan
  • Pure White vitreous China pan and cistern
  • Dual flush
  • Seat Material :Plastic
  • Seat Colour: Pure White
  • Brand Aqua-Sigma
  • Style Modern
  • Market Domestic
  • EAN Barcode 710882461034
  • Approval in accordance with (DIN) EN 1717 / (DIN) EN 13077
  • Protection class: I
  • Protection degree: IPX4
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V AC
  • Mains frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1750 W
  • Power consumption standby: ≤ 75 W
  • Mains water pressure: 0.7-7.5 bar
  • Operating temperature: 5-40 °C
  • Water temperature, adjustment range, ambient off, 31, 33, 35, 37 39 °C max
  • Calculated flow rate: 0.400  500 l/m
  • Minimum flow pressure for calculated flow rate: 0.5 bar
  • Spray time: 30-50 s
  • Adjustable heated Seat:: 5OW Temp Off 31°C- 37°C
  • Maximum load WC seat: 150 kg 23.5 stones
  • Back-flow prevention: AB air gap, compliant to EN1717
One year manufacturers warranty parts and labour
CE, UKCA, WRAS, EN 1717 back flow prevention, EN 62233, EN 60335, EN 13077