Bidet or Toilet Bidet?

Bidets and bidet showers are a common sight in Asia, the Middle East, South America and some parts of Europe, but in the UK less than 5% of households have one installed.

With the average bathroom size in the UK being 4.4m2, there’s normally not sufficient room to install a bidet, but modern technology has provided a solution.

The Bidet Toilet, also knows as a Shower Toilet, Washlet or  Japanese Toilet, integrates smart technology into the toilet seat itself, removing the space requirement and giving every household the option of an enhanced bathroom experience.

Better personal hygiene

Would you wash your dishes or your face with paper?

Water is accepted as the most effective and hygienic cleaning method and removes more germs and bacteria than paper alone.

Better for the environment

In the UK we average 127 loo rolls per person per year, that’s over 27,000 trees flushed down the drain every day.

Since most consumers prefer 100% virgin pulp each roll of toilet paper requires 0.68kg of new wood. This requires an enormous number of trees to be felled every year, and a single roll of paper also requires 37 gallons of water to manufacture.

Better for your pocket

Bidet Toilets significantly reduce the amount of paper user; on average toilet paper usage is reduced by 75%.

At Comfort Cleanse we also offer shower toilets that wash and dry to give a completely paperless solution.

Better for you

Using water is a much more gentle and soothing way of cleaning after using the toilet and the feeling of cleanliness and freshness is incomparable to paper alone. Bidet use can also reduce skin irritation as toilet paper can often aggravate and cause itchiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bidet is a free standing low level basin designed to be used for cleaning after using the toilet. Bidets are very common in many countries around the world but in the UK less than 5% of properties have one installed; however in some European countries having a bidet is a legal requirement

A toilet bidet is achieved by fitting a smart toilet seat to an existing toilet pan, reducing the space requirement of a bidet and increasing hygiene with modern washing and drying facilities. 

Using a water stream to clean and wash is better than rubbing with toilet paper. However a traditional shared bidet is certainly not hygienic and should be cleaned before and after every use; studies have found bacteria and viral organisms present in a bidet’s nozzle. All Toilet Bidets have self cleaning nozzles which remove harmful bacteria and viruses.


Yes, most, if not all, bidet toilet seats incorporate a self cleaning nozzle which operates before and after the cleaning operation. Bidet toilets use a number of different methods to further protect you from bacteria, including but not limited to:

  • Concealed nozzle. The nozzle is kept inside the seat until activated.
  • Sanitisation button. A button is provided to activate the sanitiser.
  • Automatic Sanitisation. The nozzle is rinsed automatically before and after each use.

Electric bidet toilet seats either have an additional nozzle or holes in the same nozzle for feminine hygiene, and can reduce urinary tract infections and maintain cleanliness during menstruation.

A bidet can supply warm water, but to do this it will need to be plumbed into the hot water supply, an electric bidet will have a water heating feature so will only require cold water plumbing, which will be available by connecting to the toilet cold water supply.

If you are considering installing a bidet into your bathroom, perhaps you should also consider a bidet toilet as an alternative?

In most cases the bidet toilet will utilise the existing water supply and any electrical work necessary is the same as that required for a heated towel rail.


Yes – Because the bidet seat does not take up floor space like a traditional bidet, you can now have a bidet in the most compact of bathrooms. Our Comfort Cleanse bidet toilet seats have been designed to install onto most UK two-piece toilets. The different dimensions can be viewed on our site but if you are unsure, just call us free anytime on 0800 689 1269 for a friendly chat.

If you are elderly, infirm or perhaps you are recovering from an injury or illness and your mobility is impaired, or if you just need that feeling of cleanliness and hygiene that you can only achieve with washing with water, then Comfort Cleanse bidets are the perfect addition to your home. Kids will love them and so will their parents as children learn positive hygiene habits.

Installation is really straightforward but we recommend the services of your local tradesperson.

The Comfort Cleanse bidet requires a water supply and normal mains electricity, in accordance with normal bathroom safety regulations and we recommend that qualified plumbers and/or electricians fit our seats.

UK building regulations require the electricity supply connection be made by a qualified electrician.

We offer a countrywide installation service should your require a complete solution.

If you move house, the bidet seat can easily be removed and installed in your new home.

Each Comfort Cleanse seat comes in three sizes so we can match your existing toilet bowl as closely as possible.