About Us is a UK business based in Surrey that will always put you, the customer first. We have the most reliable and economical electric Japanese bidet seats available backed up by a no quibble 2-year guarantee. Our amazing shower toilet seats are CE CERTIFIED.

Having lived in Japan for many years, the founders of were disappointed to discover, on their return to the UK, that the Japanese toilet seats available here were very expensive. That is why they set out to research seats with the best functionality, reliability and price. Therefore, our product offer is based on extensive market research and personal experience.  

Shower Toilets to Suit Every Style

Our electric bidet seats will easily fit most rounded UK toilet pans. In the unlikely event they won’t fit yours, we have various types of beautifully designed bidet toilet bowls, shown on our combined unit product page, that are made exclusively to match our seats.

Additionally, is the only company in the UK that offer an installation service at a very competitive price. We have hundreds of happy customers and we invite you to check out our gallery page to see the neat and tidy way we work. You can, of course, fit the seat yourself if you wish and the units come with full instructions. There is also a video on how to fit the seats on our website.

Our electric bidet spray toilet seats do exactly what you need. They leave you clean and confident after using the loo. What else do you need?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an electronic toilet seat that delivers bidet functionality and simply replaces your existing toilet seat.

A ComfortCleanse bidet toilet seat will give you that ‘shower fresh’ clean feeling at the touch of a button – maintaining your personal hygiene has never been so easy! It offers safe & hygienic cleaning.

Not only does a ComfortCleanse bidet toilet seat offer a fully controllable and instant warm water wash and warm air dryer built into the toilet seat, it’s also safer and more convenient to use and saves space in your bathroom too!

Yes – Because the bidet seat does not take up floor space like a traditional bidet, you can now have a bidet in the most compact of bathrooms. Our ComfortCleanse bidet toilet seats have been designed to install onto most UK two-piece toilets. The different dimensions can be viewed on our site but if you are unsure, just call us free anytime on 0800 689 1269 for a friendly chat.

Apart from guaranteeing your improved hygiene, all bidet seats supplied by ComfortCleanse have a factory supported UK warranty of 2 years. Our seats are made by Toto, Grohe Aqua-Sigma and USPA, which are the largest manufacturers of intelligent bidet toilet seats in the world. We want to ensure your complete happiness with our products and the service that you receive from ComfortCleanse.

If you are elderly, infirm or perhaps you are recovering from an injury or illness and your mobility is impaired, or if you just need that feeling of cleanliness and hygiene that you can only achieve with washing with water, then ComfortCleanse bidets are the perfect addition to your home. Kids will love them and so will their parents as children learn positive hygiene habits.

Installation is really straightforward but we recommend the services of your local tradesperson.

The ComfortCleanse bidet requires a water supply and normal mains electricity, in accordance with normal bathroom safety regulations and we recommend that qualified plumbers and/or electricians fit our seats.

UK building regulations require the electricity supply connection be made by a qualified electrician.

We offer a countrywide installation service should your require a complete solution.

If you move house, the bidet seat can easily be removed and installed in your new home.

Each ComfortCleanse seat comes in three sizes so we can match your existing toilet bowl as closely as possible.