Combined Units

Fittings & Accessories

Environmentally Friendly

Using our self cleaning and drying electric bidets can save 75% or more on toilet paper use, helping to protect our forests and our environment.

2-Year Guarantee

Each electric bidet seat comes with a no quibble 2-year factory backed guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is our only concern.

Easy Installation

Electric Bidet installation on existing toilets is extremely easy, as they are adaptable to most standard fixtures.

Registered disabled? You may be able to claim the VAT on any purchase for personal use

Mrs B London

“This is the best thing I’ve ever had in my home. The relief I now feel knowing that I don’t need to call my daughter every time I need to use the loo. It is a godsend”

Mr G Cornwall

“I’ve had mine now for 3 years and can’t imagine life without one.”

Mrs F Edinburgh

“My kids love the clean feeling they have after using the loo. I’m sure it helps with their sense of hygiene and cleanliness.”

Jane Benson – London

“My elderly father’s life has been transformed after we installed a new toilet pan and seat for him. His dignity has been restored and he has a new lease of life. Thank you comfortcleanse.com.”

Mrs A Pearson – Exeter

“My daughter has a health issue where complete hygiene is a necessity. The clever toilet seat that comfortcleanse.com supplied and installed guarantees that.”

Mr Alan Shaw - Midlands

“Since visiting Japan I had been looking for one of these excellent washlet seats. Comforcleanse.com provided all that I needed including a really professional installation. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Mr A Parks- Oxfordshire

“It’s so nice to deal with a company that puts good old fashioned customer service first. Nothing was too much trouble. I felt service like this was long gone. Well done comfortcleanse.com”

Hotel Owner?

Be one of the first in the country to get a new state of the art intelligent electric bidet toilet seats for your hotel. Make a real impression with well-travelled international guests that expect only the best. And save on toilet tissue costs as well with our self-cleaning toilets!

Care Home Owner?

Do you/ your staff spend ages taking your most important people to the loo and back plus helping with the cleaning during/after? I guess the answer is yes. Well, help is at hand. Our amazing electric bidet toilets seats clean and dry after each visit to the loo.