Quality hygiene is one of the pillars of our health.

Indulge in a fresh clean feeling after using the toilet, as if you had just stepped out of the shower.

Our range of Japanese-style electric toilet seats offer maximum comfort in the care of intimate hygiene.

All of our electric shower or japanese bidet toilets are high-quality, environmentally-friendly and greatly recommended for the elderly, for people with disabilities, for children and for women following childbirth or during the menstrual cycle. Or simply for those looking for an ultra clean after loo experience.

We also offer a reliable, hassle-free installation service at very competitive prices!

Bidet Toilet Seats

Our intelligent electric japanese bidet toilet seats will easily fit most rounded UK toilet pans.

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with one of our smart bidet toilet seats.


Japanese toilet seats

Combined Bidet Toilets

We have various types of beautifully designed japanese style bidet toilet bowls that are made exclusively to match our seats.

Add a high tech smart toilet to your life, features include remote controls, heated seats and warm water cleansing.

Fittings & Accessories

From concealed cistern frames to stylish flush plates, we have all you will need to remodel your bathroom – and our expert team can take care of installation, too.

Why choose ComfortCleanse products?

Environmentally Friendly

Using our self cleaning and drying electronic bidets can save 75% or more on toilet paper use, helping to protect our forests and our environment.


Each electronic bidet seat comes with a no quibble 2-year factory-backed guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is our only concern.

Quality and Reliability

We only stock a selected range of high-quality products from trusted brands, including Grohe and VitrA, at very competitive price.


Electric Bidet installation on existing toilets is extremely easy, as they are adaptable to most standard fixtures. Remember, we also provide installation services.

Japanese-style toilet seats, also known as electric bidets or shower toilets, are electric toilet seats which wash you after using the bathroom. They are very common in Japan, not only in private houses but also in hotels, restaurants, train stations, and other public places. These devices are equipped with one or two retractable nozzles, especially designed for front and back hygiene, which can spray hot water at different temperatures and pressures. Electric bidets not only wash the area but also offer a drying experience, thanks to a built-in warm air dryer. Our shower toilet seats come with a lot of other features, too: they are self-cleaning, equipped with soft closing lids and heated seating area, deodoriser and continuous water heating. Shower toilet seats are assembled directly on the toilet in place of common toilet seats. There’s no additional plumbing to install, though you’ll need to plug it into a nearby outlet as it requires electricity. Should you need any help, please ask: we are the only company in the UK to offer an electric bidet seat installation service at a very competitive price. We have hundreds of happy customers and we invite you to check out our gallery page to see the neat and tidy way we work. Upgrade your personal hygiene today with our spray toilet seats!
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  • “Installation service was of the highest standards and I have been extremely happy with the seat and the functionality it provides.”

  • “A very well made product coupled with professional installation. We were very pleased with the way useful advice was provided and fitting handled and would have no hesitation in highly recommending Comfortcleanse”

    Mrs K Humphrey
  • “This product is superb. It has transformed my wife’s life.
    Strongly recommended.”

    Martin Wengrow
  • “Im so happy with our new bidet. Installation was easier and quicker than I expected and the whole family love it.”

    Mrs Fairweather

Hotel and Care Homes

Are you a hotel or care home owner?
We can make a massive difference to your client’s happiness and your costs.

Registered disabled? You may be able to claim the VAT on any purchase for personal use

Please refer to HMRC, VAT Notice 701/7: VAT relief for disabled and older people on the HMRC website.